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Lift Like Luis

CrossFit Bondi – BEAST

Metcon (Time)


1) Power clean + clean + jerk: Work up to a max for the day of:

-1x power clean + 1x squat clean+ 1x jerk.

Once you establish a max for the day, then:

2) 10 rounds – Every 30 seconds, complete:

-1x power clean + 1x squat clean. Start with the same weight established in portion 1 across the 10 sets. If you fail 2 sets in a row, decrease the weight by feel.

2) Push press: 75%x5, 80%x3, 85%x3 reps, 90%x2 rep, 95%x1+ rep.

Work Capacity:

1) Complete 5 rounds for time of:

-5x thruster (155#/105#)

-4x box jump (36″/30″)

-3x bar muscle up

*Rest 2 minutes after the 5th round, then:

2) For time:

-200m prowler push (Your call on the weight).

Accessory work: 3 rounds:

-Max effort L-set (If more than 60 seconds, make it weighted).

-rest 90 seconds

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