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Not Your
Average Gym.

Our coaches are
incredible humans who
love nothing more than to
help you succeed.

Why choose a CrossFit gym?

Crossfit Bondi is not your average gym.

It’s something we pride ourselves on. You won’t find mirrors lining the walls (unless you’re in the bathroom) and there’s no leg day (every day is leg day). You’ll know all the members by name, and quite possibly make a new mate or three. Why? Community is the heart of Crossfit Bondi. We’re all friends here.

Designed so you succeed.

Our gym is a performance facility in the heart of Bondi Junction – a handy location for those travelling to or from work. And whilst our facility may not be as big as some, it’s not (gym) size that matters but the state-of-the-art equipment, hands on coaching, varied programming and community that differentiates Crossfit Bondi from any other. Our commitment is to support you in achieving your ultimate physical and mental potential.

We’re not called a performance facility for nothing.

That doesn’t mean you need to be the best athlete in the box, it means that you’ll walk out the best version of yourself! Our programming is constantly varied, challenging and universally scalable to deliver you a Crossfit experience aligned with your current fitness and health. Our member community consistently hits new milestones in their training and goal setting.

Work horses, not show ponies.

There’s no special treatment at CrossFit Bondi. We’re all alike, united as a community in our desire to improve, to succeed. It is about showing up and giving it your best regardless. We’re work horses, not show ponies. Walking through the Crossfit Bondi gym door is to re-unite with a like-minded community of friends, and as a collective, strive to achieve.

Our coaches are incredible humans who love nothing more than to help you in all aspects of your training. They are genuine, good fun and welcome light banter with open arms.

We believe in bio individuality.

There’s no one-size-fits-all approach to the way we should eat, so the Crossfit Bondi Nutrition Coach is on hand to help you with any personal goals. Occasionally, we’ll even throw a challenge out to those who want to be involved.

And it’s about community.

There’s always something happening in the pipeline at CrossFit Bondi. Whether we’re installing new equipment, planning an epic fundraiser or hosting an event for our member community. We hope you love our second home as much as we do.