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About Quinton

Quinton’s style of training combines the benefits of strength training and pre-rehabilitative exercises with the objective of helping people feel and see both physical and mental improvements. His commitment to empowering his clients through a holistic approach to cardiovascular health and body mechanics together with a passion to see people really enjoy healthy and fitness will help you not just exercise but set you up for an incredible lifestyle change.

The skills obtained during many years playing competitive Rugby give Quinton an excellent understanding of what it’s like to compete at a high level and what it takes to get there.  He has a passion for seeing people really embrace movement and work on their technique in order to improve their skills.

With a wealth of knowledge for all things movement, Quinton holds a Bachelor of Human Movement Science, Bachelor of Sport Science (Hon), Diploma in Advanced Sports Nutrition, Diploma in Sports Massage, Diploma in Nutrition, Diploma in Crossfit Mobility, Crossfit Level 1.

Quinton has a thirst for knowledge and is currently studying to be a Chiropractor, so if he’s not reading and studying under a tree, he will be outdoors enjoying time on his mountain bike, trekking or at the beach.