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CrossFit Bondi – CROSSFIT


Morning Team

You can read this or just skip directly to the Workout. I am someone who is constantly looking to the future and wondering what it is going to look like and how you can shape it so it is the future you want. Call it arrogance or optimism but I am very certain we are going to get through this, but I wonder what type of person is going to come out on the other side.

Make sure to use this time to grow yourself as the person you want to be so one day you can be the grandmother/father who tells the great stories with wisdom of harsh times you survived.


Remeber tomorrow morning we are kicking off our outdoor training sessions in Clementson Park at 7:00. Please make sure to book into the class so we can know how much equipment to get out.

Also we are a bit behind but will catch up. Have a look at the guidance from yesterdays workout. We might not be actors but we look good on a screen. Comment on the video and let us know


Warm-up (No Measure)

2 Rounds

Dynamic Couch Stretch 1 Min a side

Lunging Hip Flexor Stretch * 10


Warm-up (No Measure)

3 Rounds

Max Single Leg Hip Thrusts

Bulgarian Split Squats * 10 a side

Skill Work

Hand Stand to Press

Tuck or L – Stand 2 * 15

Hollow Hold Pressing V-Ups 3* 10


Metcon (Time)

No Equipment

5 Rounds

60 Lateral Line Hops

40 Reverse Lunges

20 Burpees

Minimal Equipment

5 Rounds

60 Double Unders (120 Skips)

40 Rev Lunges

20 Candle Stick Squats

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