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Coaching and programming to transform your Movement, Function, Fitness and Physique.

CrossFit Starter Course

Try CrossFit for free!

Yep that’s right. A free CrossFit trial.

It’s on-the-house. No obligations, no cost. Just a genuine Crossfit experience.


We all started at some point and embracing CrossFit beginners is our ethos! Our coaches will scale a workout to suit your current fitness whilst providing you a genuine CrossFit experience. So register your interest and experience first-hand the community vibe and spirit. See for yourself why we’re not just an ordinary gym.


You can give us a call or simply fill-out and submit the form on this page. We’ll give you a call to arrange a time for your free CrossFit trial at our Bondi Performance Centre. It’s that simple. So take your step today and try CrossFit!