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Back Squat 1 RM

CrossFit Bondi – CROSSFIT

Strength Work

Squat Hatch

Back squat

60%x5 reps

70%x3 reps

80%x 2 reps

90%x 2 reps

95%x 1 rep

Establish new max.


Metcon (Time)

30 DB Power Clean (22.5/15 Kg)

30 TTB

20 DB Squat Clean

20 TTB

20 Burpees

10 DB Thrusters

10 TTB

10 Burpees

10 M Hand Stand Walk/2 Wall Walks


At Home Workout


2 Rounds

90/90 Hip Opener (30 sec on each Side)

Goblet Eccentric Isometrics/Wall Hold (Hold At 90deg point of tension 30 sec )

Psoas Marches (If you do not have a band you can isometricly drive your foot into the wall) 5 Reps each leg

Alternating Bird Dog (10 In Total)

Prone Swimmers (10 In Total)

Strength/Skill Workout

BUILDING a Press Into HandStand

A: L-Pops 2 Sets 20 Reps

B: Straddle Pops 2 Sets 20 Reps

C: Slow Lowers 2 Sets 10 Reps

(Will send out a demo video tomorrow at 14:00)


3 Rounds For Time

800M Run

50 Sit Ups

50 Air Squats

MetCon Minimal Equipment

5 Rounds

5 Burpees Over KB/DB

10 DB/KB Snatches

10/10 DB/KB Deadlifts

Get a mate to join you or your Partner and kids keep each other engaged and accountable. We will be streaming these workouts for you.

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